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"This stuff Really Worked!" – A Testimonial
Tim Strickland“These are the two biggest whitetail bucks I have ever shot”, said Keith Davis. He went on to say that with while there was still Buck Natural on the ground, he had to wait to come out of his stand because the deer weren’t leaving. He finally had to scare them off!

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This Fall, Tim Strickland Is Going...Buck Natural!
Tim StricklandHe's a two-time world champion shooter; a ten-time national champion; he's coached U.S. archers to Olympic medals; he's successfully hunted big game around the world...and now this fall, Tim Strickland is going Buck Natural!

Carolina Biological is proud to have renowned bow-hunter Tim Strickland take Buck Natural to the field this fall. Tim will be putting the revolutionary Buck Natural to the test as he hunts across the continent. Keep visiting the Buck Natural Foods website this fall for video segments featuring Tim and his team in the field.

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"I used Buck Natural in an area outside the window of my ranch home. Within an hour, the deer were eating the Buck Natural. I will be using this product again".
Craig Winters, owner of Nail Ranch Adventures (near Albany, TX)

"I have used the Buck Natural as an attractant for both whitetail deer and Mule deer. I tried it in areas where I had fed before and both species preferred the Buck Natural to regular deer corn and also protein pellets. I have also used the product on areas that were not fed previously and attracted deer to those areas as well. I would recommend this product. It is a great attractant".
Johnnie Hudman, owner, Outdoors Connection

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Buck Natural® is a natural deer attractant that provides the nutrients deer crave. At its heart is a special strain of corn produced by Carolina through 60 years of cross-pollinating, by hand, different genetic strains of corn. The corn was produced for educational use: however, each year some was made available to hunters. They RAVED that deer found it irresistible.

We decided it was time to make our product available to hunters everywhere. Field-testing it against the top-selling attractants, we found that deer would walk around the others to get to it. In addition, there are no harmful chemicals and our product will not clump and harden when wet.

Buck Natural®, bringing you the best nature has to offer. Ready to use right out of the bag.

Ingredients: Specially Blended Corns, Whole Wheat