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"This stuff Really Worked!" – A Testimonial
Carolina White Tail“I have tried C’mere Deer and Buck Grub and had no results, but this stuff really worked.” What is hunter Keith Davis talking about? A new product called Buck Natural. This is a new all natural deer attractant produced in North Carolina by Carolina Biological Supply Co. Opening day of central North Carolina’s two-week muzzleloader deer hunting season started out as a rainy, cold, and windy morning. Though still cold and windy, the skies started to clear and Keith decided at about 11:00 a.m. to go ahead and try his luck on a 20 acre field in eastern Alamance County that he had permission to hunt on. Keith had been putting out shelled corn for 2 weeks with no luck. He hadn’t seen a single deer. Then three days ago he put out Buck Natural. At about 6 p.m. when Keith was ready to call it a day, he spotted a couple of does across the field. “They were playing” Keith said, “and then this massive doe came out behind them and walked into the field. Right behind her a few yards was this big buck with a wide rack on his head”. As Keith waited, the buck moved to within 35 yards, right up to the Buck Natural deer attractant Keith had put out. The 200 plus pound deer was quartering toward Keith and Keith took his shot. Although not scored yet, the antlers for Keith’s deer are estimated at 150 Boone-and-Crockett.

Keith had been hunting this property for six years, but this year he added the new deer attractant Buck Natural. “That stuff really works, and the fact that it is cracked and not in a powdered form that gets hard and nasty when it wet (it had been raining earlier that morning) makes it even better!” Two days later with Buck Natural on the ground, Keith shot an 11 point. “These are the two biggest whitetail bucks I have ever shot”, said Keith. He went on to say that with while there was still Buck Natural on the ground, he had to wait to come out of his stand because the deer weren’t leaving. He finally had to scare them off!

Go to www.northcarolinasportsman.com to read more of Keith Davis’ story.

Buck Natural Deer Attractant